Hmm, tricky. There’s the need for at least some sort of introduction. You can’t just start a blog and launch into a of tirade on the latest political happenings or proffer semi-ignorant opinions about that big controversy, or whatever, without at least saying, “Hi there”.

Actually, it’s probably best to start with a half-truth: I am blonde haired, blue eyed, tall, devastatingly attractive with clear skin and good teeth. It’s not an entirely accurate description but as I mean to blog with only a nodding acquaintance with the truth, I think it’s best to begin in a representative manner.

Anyway,  I’m human? I have the requisite two legs, two arms, one head and a fine snout horn.

I could also tell you my gender, but you’ll probably be able to guess anyway…or maybe not. A mystery. How exciting!

Are you having second thoughts yet? I am.

As a child, my mother called me ornery. I had no idea that it meant (ahem, let me just check good ‘ol, ugly and unpleasant in disposition or temper. My god, mum really didn’t like me much. Probably understandable given my tendency to take up the exact opposite position to whomever I’m engaged with at any point in time. It does make me rather unlikable. There, you’ve been warned.

She also called me a “little tart”. No dictionary required for that one. I’ve also blown the whole gender mystery thing pretty much straight away. Pity.

I will also tell you that I like solitude, which is a more solicitous way of saying people mostly bug me. Except for the ones that don’t, but there’s so few of them and they can be quite irritating as well.

My word of the day: oscitant. Why not just say drowsy? Because I have a penchant for obscure words that make me look intelligent but really I’m just flicking through the thesaurus all the time. Why speak plainly when you could be oblique? After all, the entirety of academia operates on this mantra so let’s spread the incomprehension.

No, sorry. That’s another half-truth. I’m a solid B+ kind of person. This is going to be a B+ kind of blog.It is going to be about stuff what I think about and other stuff and stuff that maybe happened but we just can’t be sure.